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Saturday, March 30, 2013

4 POINTS about the Pencil + It's National Pencil Day!

Today is National Pencil Day, so I thought I would share some PENCIL INFO! I am sure many of you go through pencils practically like water, just like me. At some point last year I read a blog describing these GRIP Pencils from Faber-Castell, they are jumbo size, painted grey with black dots (they are also very expensive, about $10.00+ for 12) - which was noted in this blog post! Anyway, I decided to give them a try and I have to say...THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY! Did I mention they are also triangular shaped? No more rolling off the table, HOORAY! So, I did an experiment. I put them out on February 1, 2013...Guess what? I still have every single one I put out, all 24 pencils!  I think they may even last through April (3 months), that is a record!   So, if you decide to use these pencils you will also need to purchase some high quality, hand-held pencil sharpeners, I happen to like the Lyra Pencil Sharpeners with 2 holes. For right now the sharpeners stay on my desk and I have been sharpening the pencils for my students. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but in reality the pencils stay sharp pretty long.  So, I am only sharpening them 3-4 times in a week. Ok, on to my 3rd POINT about pencils...the Faber Castell pencils have no eraser anyway, so you will need some erasers too. Even before this I have always purchased erasers and put them out on each table. My favorite are MAGIC RUB, by Prismacolor (I cut them in 3 pieces, that way they last longer)! Finally, for my 4th POINT, I would like to share one of my student's favorite books, The Pencil - by Allan Ahlberg! It's full of adventure!  Thanks for reading and Happy Pencil Day!  

Do you have a favorite pencil in your art room?

This post is my personal opinion, I was not asked by any of the companies above to write it nor was I given any products to write it!

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