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Thursday, November 03, 2011

CRAYOLA DreamMakers Sweepstakes WINNER - Thanks Crayola!

So, this morning when I walked into my room I saw a HUGE box, it had been opened by the school secretary and I could see 3 smaller boxes, with that familiar CRAYOLA logo peaking through - how exciting! At some point in September I received an e-mail from Crayola with the subject line: "Dream-Makers Sweepstakes winner notification", I really did not think too much about it...until this morning! I entered the contest this summer (between June and August).

As a winner, my school, receives 3 Dream Maker Student Activity Centers - grades 1 & 2, grades 3 & 4 and grades 5 - 6.  Each center includes:  an Activity Center Teachers Guide, Student Activity CardsSUPPLIES (YES, I said supplies) and a cool container to hold the supplies!  The supplies included are:  3 pairs of scissors, a set of PIP Squeak Markers, Twistable Colored Pencils, Twistable Crayons and 4 glue sticks.  

I certainly have not had time to go through all of it yet - but it looks exciting!!!
Each Student Activity Center includes 360 cards with standards-based projects.  And all of the learning activities are built on three foundations:  Bloom's Taxonomy, Gardner's Multiple Intelligences and national content standards! 
A BIG Thank You to CRAYOLA for these amazing resources!  More to come as I explore & discover what's in the box!


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