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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pinterest ~ A Linky Party

Well, the reality of school is slowing setting in - we don't start until September 6, 2011 and the kiddos do not return until September 8, 2011 so I still have some time.  In the mean time I discovered PINTEREST this summer (along with lots of other fellow bloggers & art teachers) and I have been loving it!  Pinterest allows you to "pin" images you find online and organize them on different boards.  As artists and art educators we are a visual clan - it's just a perfect way to remember things!  For the most part I have been using it to get ready for school - pinning all sorts of projects that I want to add to my MUST TRY List!  While searching around on Pinterest I found a blogger, Michelle's Math in the Middle who is having a Pinterest Linky Party!  So, if you have not checked out Pinterest go check it out!  If you decide to join in on the FUN, then Follow Me on Pinterest and then go check out Michelle's Math in the Middle Page and add your blog to the list!  Hopefully you will find some interesting "pins" on Pinterest and some new and interesting blogs to follow and maybe even get some new followers!  Welcome Back...more to come!

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