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Friday, July 19, 2013

Celebrating Art TOP TEN Winner, Congratulations Hannah!

This Spring we participated in the Celebrating Art contest.  Artwork was submitted digitally, work selected as finalists will be published in a full color, hardcover book.  We submitted 197 pieces of artwork and had 137 pieces selected as finalist - YAHOO!!!  This is the 4th time we participated in this contest.  Any school that has 15 entries accepted to be published, receives a free Celebrating Art Book for the classroom.  This book is one of the most popular in my ART bookshelf ~ students from all grades love to look through it because they find artwork that students at Mount Prospect School have created, they find artwork that their sisters & brothers have created and artwork that their friends have created~very cool!

Hannah , 2nd Grade student at Mount Prospect School just received news that she is a Top Ten Winner in the Celebrating Art Contest, in the K - 3 grade category.  Hannah will have her work specially featured in the book and receive an additional prize!!!
Congratulations to all 140 Mount Prospect students that will have their artwork included in the Celebrating Art Spring 2013 book and 3 cheers for Hannah for making the TOP TEN!  Keep up the GREAT work!  There will be another contest this Fall so decide which piece you will enter!  Permission forms will be going out in October.


Elizabeth said...

Great work Hannah! How proud you must be!!
(an art teacher from Australia)


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