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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Welcome Back - Why Arts Matter...

Welcome Back to School

As I was reading the Star Ledger last weekend, I came across this article. It seems the perfect kick-off to a new school year (to read the full article, just CLICK on the title below).

Back to School Night is Tuesday, September 16, 2008. I will be available in the Art Room from 6:00pm - 8:30pm. Please stop by to see our beautiful work space and learn about what your child will be creating in Art Class this year!

Hope to see you there!
Most sincerely, Susan Bivona

Why arts matter...

by Star-Ledger Staff
Saturday September 06, 2008, 10:00 PM

Star-Ledger critics don't ever want to see an empty theater. Below, they state their case for why arts matter.

Now more than ever, make room in your life for the arts. At a time when it may be tempting to scrimp on outings or cut back on concerts, we need to remember art's enduring value.

The arts can comfort and nurture, inspire and instruct. They make us better and more caring -- and flat-out smarter, too. They help us learn more about our world. And as anyone who has ever taken a child to their first Broadway show can attest, they provide a fun and bonding way to pass that knowledge to our children.

The arts connect us with each other, and connect us with our souls.
-- Kathleen O'Brien

The visual arts provide decoration, shape the spaces in which we live, teach history to our children, and even enhance the value of local real estate.

But their unique value is their elevation of an individual viewpoint above all else.

In an era full of art manufactured by corporations or committees, the paintings, prints or sculptures produced by a single person remain the last refuge of completely personal expression.

The vast majority of work in museums and galleries was made by one artist working from his or her lone vantage point -- with only the vaguest hope of finding compensation for their effort.
-- Dan Bischoff

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