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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

CREATE Mixed Media Retreat

Last week I had a chance to relax & renew my own art skills at the CREATE Mixed Media Retreat in Somerset, NJ.  This event is sponsored by Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine.  This is the second year I have attended and I have enjoyed both experiences!  It's truly a gathering of like-minded women, it's always fun to feel like you are among your tribe!  This retreat allows me to create art and learn new techniques that I can share with my students.  I will share with you the classes I took, the awesome teachers that I had the opportunity to work with and a few picture of what I created!  I would encourage you to follow the links that I have included to the teacher's blogs!  

Two of the classes I participated in were taught by a New York artist, Julie Fei- Fan Balzer.   Check out a post she wrote about her experience at CREATE NJ, CLICK HERE (you can see ME in the very first photo with the purple shirt).  The 2 classes I took with Julie were Painted & Printed Paper and Stamp Carving 101.  I am excited that I created 2 stamps that I will use at school!  

Here are some photos:
The above paper was created in Painted & Printed Paper
Here are some stamps I created out of craft foam (w/adhesive back), so easy - a great way
for students to create their own stamps!
The stamps, you see below, were carved from SPEEDBALL Speedy Carve Blocks and traditional SPEEDBALL Linoleum carving tools.  I made them in Stamp Caving 101!

The two stamps that I created!
 Here is a screen shot from Julie's blog, Balzer Designs:
Don't I look like I am having FUN?

I also took a class with Joanne Sharpe she is the Marker & Lettering QUEEN!  You can find her blog, WHIMSPIRATIONS here.  This class was called Perfect Pens & Perfect Pages.  We learned about ALL different kinds of markers and how they react with different papers! Here is a page from Joanne's sample journal! 
Example from Joanne Sharp's journal

Finally, I took a class with Jane LaFazio a fiber artist from California.  You can find Jane's blog HERE! This class was called Felt Like Stitching.   
Here are some photos:
Examples of Jane's work,  beautiful pumpkins created out of felt!

Here is my little fishy!  It will make a perfect pin!

We worked with wool felt that was purchased from Purl SoHo, I have never see so many beautiful colors of felt.  

Check it out!  I hope you have enjoyed this tour of my experience at the CREATE Mixed Media Retreat!  Now go out an CREATE something for yourself!


Marcia Beckett said...

Looks like awesome fun! I have really wanted to go to this conference for a while.


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