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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

So...What is Art?

Well, my 1st through 5th grade students answered that questions on their Monochromatic Hands that they created for Back to School Night.  I saw this idea on another blog - but I cannot figure out where (if it's YOU let me know - so I can give you credit)!  It was a huge hit with all the visitors at Back to School Night.  If you want to see what the individual hands look like check out out Artsonia Gallery.


sariah said...

that is so awesome!!

kmay said...

Did each student make one hand? Did each class period use one color?


Susan Bivona, Art Teacher said...

Hi Kellie, thanks for your question! Yes, each student traced their hand and arm on a 9x12 piece of white drawing paper. I made a schedule so I would have a pretty even amount of each color. I did one color each day, and added violet in one class per/day! It was awesome!!!!


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