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Monday, November 01, 2010

Let's Celebrate - My 100th Post & Top Blog Award!

Congratulations on being one of our Top Art Teachers, Northeast Region.
Thanks to Teacher Salary Website  for this recognition!
"Your blog was amazing in our eyes, providing your students and their parents with all of the necessary information required to succeed. We know that you will continue to keep up the amazing work you do in educating children. Let your class know that you were recognized as a Top Teacher in your region!" 


Phyl said...

Susan, thanks for your comment about the coral reef! It's the same thing I blogged about. I guess there are 'satellite reefs' all over the place, so it may not be the exact photos I printed, but it's all the same project. Wish I thought I'd get to DC to see it but I don't know. To NYC in Feb hopefully to see sketchbook exhibit etc, and then with a college graduation this spring all other plans are up in the air.

Meanwhile I'm here putting together a powerpoint for our NY state art teachers conference (where I met you last year) and hopefully this year my slide projector will work just fine. :-)

Oh and congrats on your top blog award too!


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