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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Art on the Move gets a MAKEOVER

 Yes, you really are at "Art on the Move" - we got
a makeover today!

Hope you enjoy Art on the Move's NEW LOOK! Since the beginning I have been using a standard BLOGGER template for this blog. Although it certainly did the job, I don't think it ever really captured the spirit of this blog! I have been searching around for a new template but could not find one I loved! Earlier today, I was reading another art teacher blog, One Crayola Short and I was attracted to her template! I searched around her blog and found the link to her template - Deluxe Templates.  So a BIG thank you to Deluxe Templates for the FRESH, NEW LOOK!  The template is called  Little United Nations and it is designed by  Thanks for stopping by ~ ENJOY!



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