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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

over 300,000 visitors to our Artsonia gallery!

We did it! I was hoping to reach this goal by the end of this school year
and we just squeaked by...our
Mount Prospect School ARTSONIA Gallery
officially hit 300,436 visitors this morning!

We finished the year publishing 4,351 piece of artwork! Congratulations to all the young artists at Mount Prospect School. If you have not had a chance to see what we have created this year - CLICK HERE

Parents please remember if you have NOT already REGISTERED for ARTSONIA you can contact me to get the security code to do so, just e-mail me at:
Registering as your child's parent or legal guardian will alert you to when new artwork is published and allow you to approve comments left for your child!

Comments, friends and family members LOVE to leave positive comments about the artwork that is published on ARTSONIA, these comments MUST be approved by a parent of legal guardian before they will show up for the students to read.
To approve you child's comments just log-on to Artsonia. Again, if you need assistance you can e-mail me at:

Finally remember, if you make any artwork this summer you can add it to your personal gallery on ARTSONIA, just log into your account for more information. It's really easy -- you just need a digital camera, a computer
and access to the internet! Good Luck!

Wishing all of you a creative summer with your children and
I will see all of you back at
Mount Prospect School in September!

~ Mrs. Bivona



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