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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Newark Museum - Centennial Numbers Project

The Centennial Celebration begins! In 1909, The Newark Museum was founded and 100 years later they are inviting the community to be part of the biggest celebration ever! Always New, the Museum's new tag line, evokes a promise of new exhibitions, new programs and new special offers!

As part of the Newark Museum's Centennial Celebration, each New Jersey school is invited to submit one "Number Poster" to be displayed at the Museum. Congratulations to Victoria C. in Mrs. Kizoulis' Kindergarten Class she created the poster for day 89, see the picture above!

The posters will be part of the 100-days countdown (beginning January 16), culminating at our grand birthday celebration on April 26, 2009. You can see all the posters at:



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