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Sunday, November 04, 2007

New England Art Ed Conference or Cape Cod in a Hurricane!

I started this post yesterday and published it before I finished writing it...sorry! Anyway, I spent the weekend at the New England Art Education Conference. Can you believe just this weekend, Hurricane Noel decide to hit the Cape? Well, it was really the perfect time to be inside at a conference -- lots to do inside and no reason to be outside! My presentation on Artsonia was first thing on Saturday morning, it went very well and we had a PACKED house. Then I had time to attend 4 other presentation. My 2 favorite were Black Light Puppet Theater and Chinese Brush Painting, I hope to share both with students at Mount Prospect sometime this year! The Black Light Puppet Theater was AMAZING, I know the students will love it. We actually created a puppet show and performed it, the presenter video taped our performance and is going to post it on YouTube. It was interesting to meet art teachers from ALL over New England and see what is going on in their art classrooms.



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